DIGITAL DISRUPTION OF THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: those that embrace the change will thrive, those that are slow to adapt will get left behind or fail

To survive in this era of technologies advancement, businesses and indeed professionals must innovate and disrupt their environments.

The construction industry and professionals must find a balance in innovation in the 21st century digital world to remain afloat.

Digital Construction is the use and application of digital tools to improve the process of delivering and operating the Built environment.  This could take many forms.

It might be simple tools that aid communication and reduce the need for travel (messaging tools like whatsapp or video conferencing systems like Skype and goggle hang outs). It could also be the improvement or automation of a manufacturing process; advancements in plants or materials; cloud based filing systems; or software applications for use in both delivery and operation. Or it could be in things at the cutting edge like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or often times referred to as Drones) for site scanning, inspections and measurements.

Digital transformation is intrinsic to the way people live and work in this century. Because digital transformation is the present and the future of the world, it has unlimited ways to disrupt and rationalize our lives. There is no gain saying human capability must be augmented with technology for survivability. For example, between 1960 and 1977, Nigeria’s GDP was larger than that of India and China because it thrived on oil and made huge money, but despite the robust economy, Nigeria Jettisoned innovation. We became importers! But the story has changed now! China and India have become two leading technology nations. They achieved this by innovating and investing in digital technologies. Today, they are disrupting the global economy.

Construction Industry and professionals must invest in technology so as not to be left behind.

Digitalisation is all about the disruption of the status quo! Uber has disrupted the transportation system across the globe; smart phone displaced the likes of Kodak and Philips and Amazon same day delivery. Disruption in global business is fast gaining momentum so that businesses must evolve and adapt to the new age!

Looking therefore, at where the world is going now, we in the construction business need to look for what we must do to move up the ladder of development. The future’s an exciting place. It’s where we all will live. Those that embrace the change will thrive. Those that are slow to adapt will get left behind or fail.



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